5 Quick Benefits of Video Marketing

If you haven’t invested in video marketing for your online business yet and need a little more convincing, check out these key benefits that it can do for your brand.

1. Video Improves Conversion

Companies should start seeing video marketing as an investment. By including video content on a landing page, you can get an increase in conversions by up to 80% more. A lot of buyers would be compelled to buy something if they are presented with a video of the product or service. Aside from that, conveying the right emotions can be a powerful way to sell too! You can also use video as a means to provide users with tutorials or testimonials, depending on the angle you’re aiming at.

2. Video Marketing is Great for Email Campaigns

Email marketing can be quite a challenge, even more so to convince people to read your content inside. By using video in your subject line, you can improve the user open rates and minimize lower the rates in which they unsubscribe. Putting video in an email will lead to a 300% increase in click-through-rate as well, which is a staggering statistic. In most cases, it is a lot easier to watch a video than reading paragraphs of text. This can be quite effective if you wish to demonstrate how your product works.

3. Video is Good for SEO

The search engines out there are looking for content that engages viewers, and nothing is as enticing as having longer page views from a video. Not only that, YouTube has a great search engine behind Google. By putting a video on YouTube including your site, your visibility and ranking will improve greatly.

4. Video Improves Credibility and Builds Trust

Video marketing is an ideal way to create a personality for your brand and enable you to connect with your viewers to earn trust. Most users say that product video is a lot of help in the decision process. By adding more videos that educate people and inform them, the more your credibility in their eyes improve.

5. Video Encourages Social Sharing

The fact is, we are in the age where viral videos are quite popular. More than 90% of mobile video consumers share videos with their friends and families. That is why this is a great way for you to show what your company is all about by investing in a video marketing campaign.